Bill Donohue

Much has been made of Bill Maher’s recent attacks on woke politics, and he is quite good at it. Unfortunately, his anti-Catholic bigotry is so ingrained that he is incapable of changing on that score.

On the November 10 episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” Maher used his “New Rules” segment to look at the utter collapse of public schools and used it to lambast Catholics.

Maher began by noting that public schools have not only declined in academic quality but also have become less safe due to a lack of discipline. This has prompted many responsible and loving parents to seek alternatives.

Maher notes that it is “not just the weirdo Christian families” seeking a better choice. In fact, he explains that millions of parents are looking to Catholic schools as an option to ensure their children actually learn something and are safe while they are there. In fairness to Maher, he notes that Catholic school students’ show fantastic academic achievements and in part this stems from the schools insistence on strict discipline.

However, in his next breath, Maher dove into a verbal lashing of Catholicism. He claimed that parents turning to Catholic schools reveal how bad the situation is because “to get a no bullsh*t education now, you have to turn to the place that’s completely based on bullsh*t.”

Instead, Maher suggested a better solution would be “a chain of non-Catholic Catholic schools.” He even notes that with so many celebrities opening their own failed alternative schools that he might get involved in education. He proposed making “Bill Maher’s Catholic School.” He bills it like a “traditional Catholic school, just without the religion and the molesting.”

If Maher were truly concerned about the safety of children, he would call out the public schools for their atrocious record when it comes to handling child predators. They are the ones plagued with this problem today, not Catholic schools.

While Maher may have changed somewhat, his tired refrain of beating up on Catholics suggests that his anti-Catholic bigotry is baked into his DNA.

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