bill-maher2-640x360Bill Donohue comments on last Friday’s edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the HBO show:

Bill Maher’s latest show was a bigoted bash fest featuring Valerie Plame and Michael Moore, and, of course, himself. Al Sharpton was also one of the panelists, but he didn’t say anything untoward (regrettably, the Reverend also didn’t say anything to challenge the religion bashers). More surprisingly, Britain’s star atheist, Richard Dawkins, behaved himself.

Maher began by observing that Pope Francis had fired the German “bishop of bling” because he was “getting the altar boys drunk on Cristal.” That no bishop was “fired” is besides the point—Maher reeks with hatred toward Catholics.

After Sharpton noted there were Christian members of the Klan who burned crosses, Plame said, “Yeah, but now there are Christian Dominionists that are just as extreme.” Too bad she didn’t name one. Since Christian bashers like to finger Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry as Dominionists, perhaps Plame has footage of them acting like Klansmen. She ought to apologize for her irresponsible remark.

Maher then spoke about Christians and Muslims. “Look,” he said, “I’m no f***ing Catholic or Christian, but one is herpes [Christians] and one is cancer [Muslims].” Couldn’t help but think that it was Hitler who once called Jews cancerous. Maher is in good company.

When Maher said that at least Christians were not killing anyone, Moore shot back, “I can guarantee to you that right now there are Christians out there tonight that want to kill you and me.” He did not say how he knew this to be true, nor did he cite a single recent instance that might provoke him to make such an accusation.

Lucky for Moore that most Christians act like Christians.

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