On his Friday night HBO program, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Maher was joined in a discussion about UFO’s with some of the panelists. Here is what Maher had to say:

“But I think it is much more likely that there could be space ships from outer space, than what a lot of things people believe. People still believe, you know, excuse me I know I may inject religion into every show but UFO’s are a lot more likely than a space god flew down bodily and you know who was the Son of God and you know had sex with a Palestinian woman, and um…”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue addressed Maher’s remark today:

“Last week, we registered a complaint with ESPN regarding the offensive comments made by anchorwoman Dana Jacobson at a celebrity roast; after I had a conversation with ESPN officials, the issue was satisfactorily settled by the end of the week. Moreover, Jacobson made another apology today, her first day back from her suspension. It is worth comparing Jacobson to Maher on several counts.

“Jacobson was drunk, made her first and only bigoted comment in public, apologized twice for her behavior and was punished by her station. By contrast, Maher was sober, made his umpteenth Christian-bashing remark, did not apologize—he never does—and suffered no consequences. In short, Jacobson’s outburst was an anomaly; Maher’s was not. She is a first-time offender and he is a recidivist.

“There is no bigger bigot in America today than Bill Maher. His serial insults are tolerated on HBO and on late-night television shows because the producers are not outraged by what he says. How else can we explain his ability to offend with impunity?”

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