Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on an op-ed in the Daily News:

No one I know reads the Daily News. Indeed, I never see anyone reading the New York newspaper anymore, either on the train or in pubs. In fact, most places that carry newspapers don’t even stock it. This explains why I didn’t read an article by J.T. Barbarese attacking Catholics, until a friend of mine brought it to my attention.

The New York Times has published many essays that are highly critical of the Catholic Church, but it doesn’t allow writers to simply vent, spouting the kind of vitriol we would expect from an angry adolescent. That’s why Barbarese found a home in the Daily News.

What is it that Barbarese doesn’t like about the Catholic Church? Its teachings on contraception, natural family planning, abortion, priestly celibacy, women priests, etc. He opposes the tax-exempt status of the Church and says we have too many Catholics on the Supreme Court.

It’s hard to take someone serious when he knows nothing of what he says. Who is Barbarese? A poet who works at Rutgers, a tax-exempt institution.

My guess is that as many people read his screed, which was dead on arrival, as read his poems. Praise the Lord.

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