On March 10, pro-abortion groups around the country celebrated a “National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.” The day was organized by a radical group called Refuse and Resist!

In its website, the organizing group speaks of a “Christian fascist, fundamentalist morality” that has allegedly overtaken the country. It also talks of the “Christian fascists” who are waging war on women and abortion clinics. Joining the coalition were organizations ranging from the ACLU to Catholics for a Free Choice, an anti-Catholic front group sponsored in large part by the Ford Foundation.

The Catholic League made public its concerns:

“Abortion is a human tragedy, not an event to celebrate. That the pro-abortion industry thinks otherwise is evident in its support for a ‘National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.’ Moreover, to label Christians who oppose abortion as being fascists is to inflame passions and sponsor bigotry. Surely there are those who support abortion as birth control who find such language reprehensible. It is important that they speak up lest we Christians think that Refuse and Resist! speaks for all of them.”

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