Lawyers who evince a deep-seated bigotry—against any segment of the population—have no business practicing law. In this regard, it would be hard to find two more unqualified attorneys than Rebekah Nett and Naomi Isaacson.

Nett was counsel to Isaacson, herself an Orthodox Jewish attorney, in a Minnesota bankruptcy case (see page 1). She not only entered into record comments made by her client that were reprehensible, she made her own sordid contribution.

Isaacson even berated the media. When interviewed by the “Pioneer Press,” which did the best coverage on this issue, she lashed out at the newspaper, and the Catholic Church. She asked if the paper was “owned by the Catholic Church or just a majority stockholder.” She described the Church as “dirty, filthy, and the most dangerous death cult in human history.”

The following comments illustrate why the Catholic League filed a formal complaint against these attorneys. They should ultimately be disbarred, but that is not in our purview.

Rebekah Nett

• Nett filed a memo written by her client, Naomi Isaacson, which said, “Across the country the court systems and particularly the Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota are composed of a bunch of ignoramus, bigoted Catholic beasts that carry the sword of the church.

• The memo called U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher “a Catholic Knight Witch Hunter.

• The memo also called one bankruptcy trustee “a priest’s boy,” and another was branded a “Jesuitess.

• For her part, Nett called Dreher and other court personnel “dirty Catholics,” adding that “Catholic deeds throughout the [sic] history have been bloody and murderous.”

Naomi Isaacson

• In a filing of her own, Isaacson called U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher “Popess Dreher” and “a secret Catholic Knight Witch Hunter.”

• She called U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Dennis O’Brien a “dastardly Jesuit.”

• She called the court-appointed bankruptcy trustee a “mindless numbnut [who] would follow church orders with a vengeance.”

• She accused judges and trustees of conspiring to liquidate the company’s assets “for pennies,” saying the proceeds will go “to members of the Catholic Church.”

• She referred to a contempt-of-court order by Judge Dreher saying, “We may as well flush her papal bull order down the toilet.”

• She said the court “is an arm of the church to force the minority to be converted or face the consequences just like during the Dark and Middle Ages.”

• She called one trustee a “Grand Inquisitor.”

• She called the attorney representing the U.S. Trustee Program a “Papal Drummer.”

• She said Judge O’Brien converted the case to Chapter 7 “on papal orders.”

• She accused the Church of bringing illegal immigrants to America “so their population can outrun that of the Protestants and they can turn the country into another Spain.”

• She said: “The Catholic Church has millions of Jesuits working undercover around the country to fulfill the church’s agenda.”

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