In December, Bill Donohue wrote a letter to all Indiana lawmakers about one of their Republican colleagues. He called out state representative John Jacob for making a series of viciously anti-Catholic comments before and during his run for office. Donohue wrote to Jacob a few weeks earlier asking him to renounce his remarks and pledge not to make them again. He refused to do so.

In Donohue’s letter to Jacob, he said he was in possession of 12 Facebook posts that he wrote, all of which are virulently anti-Catholic. Donohue cited three examples.

• “The Roman Catholic Church is not of God but rather of satan and will leave one under the curse of God, unsaved, and on their way to hell.”
• “I must be clear, the Roman Catholic Church is a cult.”
• “The Mary of the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Church is not the Mary of the Bible; she is a demon, deceiving and leading millions to hell.”

Donohue asked the Republican legislators not to include Jacob in the Republican caucus. It is not certain whether his colleagues will retaliate, but all lawmakers, including the Democrats, were notified of his bigotry, thus helping to at least marginalize his clout.

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