This year’s Election Day results provided faithful Catholics with confidence that their values are shared throughout the nation. Indeed, it was a big night for Catholic values.

The Catholic Church led the fight in Maine against those seeking to reinvent marriage, and won: the vote was 53-47 in favor of repealing the state’s gay marriage law. We gave Bishop Richard Malone much deserved credit for fighting against those who sought to restructure this vital institution. Those who favor the right of two men to marry are now 0 for 31 in the states. The people have spoken and the time has come for the homosexuals to pack it in.

Those who champion gay marriage and abortion-on-demand lost in New Jersey and Virginia, which posted a couple more wins for Catholic values. Jon Corzine supports the right of two men to marry and is a radical on the question of abortion and was beaten by pro-life Chris Christie in the New Jersey gubernatorial race. Creigh Deeds of Virginia is worse: he once opposed partial-birth abortion but later switched in favor of it; similarly, he said he was opposed to gay marriage but then campaigned against a state constitutional amendment to ban it. Good thing he was defeated in the state’s race for governor by Bob McDonnell. In any event, the defeat of Corzine and Deeds is a victory for marriage and children.

It was a big night for Catholic values. We hope everyone gets the message.

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