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On October 14, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden addressed their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender friends at the Washington Center in the nation’s capital. It was one of the most dishonest, pandering exercises imaginable. It was nothing short of a love fest.

Lady Jill bemoaned how “LGBTQ individuals” apparently can’t walk school halls “as their authentic self.” This was the first lie.
Any person who subjects himself to puberty blockers and chemical castration—in a vain attempt to deny his authentic self—is living an inauthentic life, strewn with psychological and physiological problems. They need our help, not our condolences.

Armed with her Ed.D.—it is a degree in administration, not research—”Dr. Jill” is opposed to conversion therapy, thus has this “pro-choice” activist decided to deny people who have made the wrong choice the opportunity to make the right choice. Her husband outdid her, calling conversion therapy a “cruel practice.”

The president celebrated “LGBTQ youth” for being “among the bravest people” he knows, not saying what the source of their bravery is. Rebelling against nature and nature’s God?

Similarly, he did not offer any examples of LGBT people valiantly defending the “equal rights and dignity of all people.” It would be helpful to know when and where they have come to the defense of Catholics.

“We’ve made human rights for LGBT around the world a top priority in our foreign policy.” This may explain the many foreign policy failures of this administration—if they spent as much time on military preparedness as they do on “pronoun workshops” for the Pentagon, we wouldn’t be in such a pickle.

Moreover, by what right do Americans have to tell Africans—Biden singles out the Ugandans as not cooperating with his LGBT agenda—how they should think about sexuality? This kind of cultural imperialism is what breeds contempt for America abroad.

Biden was right to say to transgender persons that they were “made in the image of God,” but he was negligent in not saying that attempts to butcher their sex is an affront to this verity.

The Biden administration recently said that foster parents who object to their adopted children “transitioning” to the opposite sex should not be allowed to do so, and that their children should be taken from them if they resist. Therefore, we know what he meant when he said he wants to “protect kids in foster care.”

There are hundreds of state and local laws on the books banning teachers, therapists and others from usurping the rights of parents by seeking to entice their children to “transition.” Biden should be hailing these laws; instead he sides with the child abusers, calling the laws “hateful.”

Biden said his LGBT policies respect many rights, including “the right to free expression.” False. By unleashing the “pronoun police” to ensure that the right words are used to describe the transitioners, he is denying free speech rights to employees.

He is even more off base when he complains, without offering one iota of evidence, that families are being “terrorized” and doctors and nurses are being “criminalized” by those who oppose his LGBT policies. No one is being terrorized, and the only doctors and nurses who are in danger of being “criminalized” are those who refuse to cooperate with his agenda.

Perversely, Biden’s support for the Equality Act, which he said needs to be passed, would force Catholic doctors to perform abortions and sex-reassignment surgery. In other words, he is the problem—not those who disagree with him.

Biden trotted out the old canard about the tragic death of Matthew Shepard, saying he was “brutally taken from us.” He was, but the homosexual was not killed by gay bashers.

A gay reporter, Stephen Jimenez, initially thought Shepard was killed by anti-gay bigots, but concluded otherwise after his investigation. He spent 13 years interviewing more than 100 people with a connection to the case. What he found was startling.

Shepard was killed by two drug-addicted homosexuals, one of whom was a sex partner of his. Shepard was a gay street-walking prostitute who tested positive for HIV at the time of his death. He was addicted to crystal meth and heroin, and was known to deal in meth. Indeed, his gay assailants were after his stash when they assaulted him. In other words, it wasn’t redneck homophobes who killed Shepard—it was drug-addicted homosexuals just like him.

It is one thing for Mr. “Devout Catholic” to laud the LGBT crowd; it is quite another to lie about his reasons for doing so.

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