This is the article that appeared in the September 2023 edition of Catalyst, our monthly journal. The date that prints out reflects the day that it was uploaded to our website. For a more accurate date of when the article was first published, check out the news release, here.

When someone says he is “not big on” something, it indicates that he is not a fan. There may be many reasons for this—the smell of brussel sprouts is enough to deter some from eating them—but it is a rare occurrence when someone who is “not big on” something winds up vigorously endorsing it. President Biden is one of those rare persons.

Over the summer, Biden admitted he is “not big on abortion.” He did not say why. After all, he vigorously supports abortion for every conceivable reason, and at any time during pregnancy. Indeed, he even supports partial-birth abortion.

After he made this remark, he was quick to say that the decision in Roe v. Wade making abortion a constitutional right (since overturned) was the right thing to do. Too bad reporters never ask him to explain himself.

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