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President Biden wants to force Catholic doctors and hospitals to perform sex-reassignment surgeries. In fact, his administration has been fighting for the right to do so ever since he became president. But after losing twice in the federal courts, his lawyers decided in late June not to ask the Supreme Court to review this case.

At stake is the First Amendment right of Catholics not to cooperate in providing genital mutilation, chemical castration, puberty blockers and other immoral acts.

To show how anxious Biden is to declare war on Catholics, the Department of Health and Human Services issued its “transgender mandate” in January 2021; it was one of the first items on its agenda. To accomplish this end, they amended ObamaCare. They also revoked the conscience protections for doctors that the Trump administration provided.

Biden lost this round, but this doesn’t mean that his administration won’t be back looking for more opportunities to attack Catholic medical professionals. They surely will, but at least for now their anti-Catholic agenda has stalled. That this is coming from a president who calls himself a “devout Catholic” is all the more disturbing.

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