Over the past few years, the Catholic League has complained to several newspapers regarding their willingness to publish full-page ads, paid for by the Eternal Gospel Independent Church Seventh-Day Adventists, that attack Catholicism. Fortunately, our complaints have typically resulted in a pledge by the editor not to run the ads again. Unfortunately, the St. Louis-Post Dispatch recently ran one of these ads. Worse, they ran it on the eve of the pope’s visit to St. Louis.

We have registered our objections to the newspaper and hope to hear from them soon. But members should know that we have heard from the Seventh Day Adventists: they sincerely apologized for the antics of the Eternal Gospel SDA—they are an offshoot, a splinter group that no way represents the real Seventh Day Adventists. We are happy to learn of this and ask that all members duly note it as well.

More good news: on February 12, Tom Rees of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called to apologize and said he wouldn’t run the ad again.

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