Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the controversy over a recently published article by University of Texas at Austin sociologist Mark Regnerus:

In the July 2012 issue of Social Science Research, University of Texas at Austin professor Mark Regnerus addresses the issue of gay parenting. His work, which appears in a peer-reviewed journal, is being criticized by Scott Rose (his real name is Scott Rosenweig); he is a gay activist, novelist, and freelancer. In response, the University has begun an inquiry to see if the complaint merits an investigation.

The contents of Regnerus’s article are not my reason for writing to UT president William Powers: Rose’s anti-Catholicism is my concern. In Rose’s June 21 letter to President Powers, he mentions Regnerus’s conversion from evangelical Protestantism to Catholicism: he then makes comments about Catholicism and the bishops that are as invidious as they are ignorant. Rose also makes scurrilous remarks about Princeton Professor Robert George.

In my letter today to President Powers, I offer further proof that Rose’s hatred of Catholicism is so deep that it impairs his credibility as a fair-minded observer. [To read it, click here.] When those making charges of bias are themselves compromised by bias, it undercuts their case. This is especially true when the accuser has no academic standing, and the accused is a prominent professor.

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