Last month we reported that there was an artist in Seattle who hates Catholicism and uses the most vile imagery imaginable. The same artist has struck again, proving that our imagination is indeed limited.

As described by one of our members, here’s what the latest contribution to art looks like: “Depicts Christ on cross being sodomized by two men, anally and orally, genitals showing, ejaculation, while blood drips from his forehead and hands, semen is present.”

An e-mail from the artist to William Donohue posed the question, “Whose child is Jesus molesting now?” The artist hung Donohue’s name in the window alongside his masterpieces.

What we like about this latest incident is its clarity of purpose: even the Catholic League’s most ferocious critics might have a hard time explaining away this one. But our newly expanded imagination informs us that some may not struggle at all.

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