Bill Donohue comments on a photo of a pregnant Beyoncé that has ignited controversy:

It is not certain what Beyoncé had in mind when she posed pregnant, half naked, draped with a veil, amidst a backdrop of roses. Some saw Christian imagery in the Instagrammed picture. One thing is for sure: the New York Post did.

The photo appears on the front page of today’s New York Post, with the headline, “BEYMACULATE CONCEPTION: Mother of God! Singer’s Pregnant with Twins.”

Turning to the story on p. 5, the headline reads, “A-BEY MARIA! SHE IS HAVING TWINS.” Below is the same photo of the pregnant Beyoncé on one side, and an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the other.

Commenting on the Beyoncé photo, the story says, “it’s hardly the Annunciation—despite the photo’s Botticelli-worthy composition.”

Not knowing what Beyoncé had in mind, it’s hard to take her to task for this photo (it is tasteless for sure), though it wouldn’t be the first time a Hollywood celebrity insulted Christians. But there is no uncertainty about the New York Post’s intention: It took the opportunity to play fast and loose with Christian iconography, thus devaluing a sacred symbol.

It does not speak well for the New York Post to unnecessarily provoke Christians with this cheap stunt. Whatever happened to ethics in journalism?

Contact NY Post chief editor, Stephen Lynch:

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