Last year, “Lilies” won Canada’s Academy Award for best picture. Though there’s no Oscar awaiting “Lilies” in this country, it’s a wonder there isn’t given Hollywood’s penchant for trashing Catholicism. Not surprisingly, the critics love it.

The movie, based on a play by someone whom we’ve never heard of, is set in 1952 in a Quebec prison. There an aging bishop is barricaded inside the confessional and is forced to watch an elaborate re-creation of a gay episode from his youth. There’s murder, men dressed as women, nudity—the usual thing.

As one reviewer put it, “It all boils down to a condemnation of religious hypocrisy.” He then asks a rather stupid question: “But how many closeted skeletons can one bishop possibly have?” Answer: as many as the bigots want him to have.

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