In the last issue of Catalyst, we ran a story citing our objections to certain questions posted in the Catholic section of Beliefnet. It was enough to have us complain to ABC about the newly announced partnership with Beliefnet, the Internet company that addresses religious issues from across all the major faith groups. The story ended saying that William Donohue has agreed to meet with the president of the company.

Donohue’s meeting with the president and two senior officials from Beliefnet proved to be valuable. Most of the objectionable questions have been removed from their website. Moreover, all three of the officials were sincere, honest and cordial; they expressed interest in working closely with the Catholic League on various issues.

So impressed was Donohue with their forthrightness that he pledged to move from adversary to advocate of Beliefnet. Now if everyone we had a row with were this conciliatory, our life would be so much easier. But it may also be that much less exciting.

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