Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Halloween costumes that are a no-no:

It’s hard to keep up with the ethics of political correctness, and that’s because there are no principles involved, just ideological preferences. For example, consider the reaction to Halloween costumes.

Halloween has become more politically correct each year, but this year it has reached new heights. We now have traditional media outlets giving advice on whom not to offend.

When choosing an outfit this Halloween, do not choose any that might offend Asians, blacks, Indians, Jews, Mexicans, or Transgender persons. According to whom? Good Housekeeping (GH) and Reader’s Digest (RD).

Moana costumes are not cool, so says GH and RD. In fact, female students at the University of Notre Dame warn against wearing almost any Disney-character garb, not just those that promote cultural stereotypes of Hawaiians, or Asians in general.

“Anything Involving Blackface” is considered taboo by GH. RD objects to “Disco Diva” outfits and costumes featuring dreadlocks and afro wigs.

RD cites the “costume advisory” boards at Wesleyan and Yale—yes, they have such enterprises—on the inappropriateness of wearing “feathered headdresses” that allegedly offend Indians.

GH says it is offensive to dress as a Holocaust victim. RD objects to Anne Frank costumes.

Sombreros are out; they might tick off Mexicans. RD cites St. Thomas University in Minnesota as the authoritative source.

Transgender clothes are verboten, at least according to GH. “Tranny Granny” was pulled from Walmart, so good luck trying to find that one.

Okay, so you’re wondering, what does any of this have to do with the Catholic League?

Not considered offensive, intolerant, insensitive, or bigoted are costumes depicting nuns as tramps or priests sporting an erection. Neither GH nor RD mentioned them, and neither did the universities. Perhaps most revealing, unlike most of the other politically incorrect outfits, these ones are easily available online.

It is not clear whether a slutty nun wearing an afro wig, or an aroused trans priest, would make the cut. We would have to check with the “costume advisory” boards on campus, or with the sages at GH and RD.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that they are okay with those outfits. We would then have to ask if they would tolerate a blackface slutty nun with an afro, or a horny trans priest wearing a sombrero.

This can get complicated. If there were principles involved in making such determinations, we wouldn’t have to ask.

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