This fall the Catholic League addressed in detail revelations that the BBC knew about the exploits of child rapist Jimmy Savile [pronounced SAV-ILL], one of its most famous employees, yet spiked a report revealing what it knew; Savile died in October 2011, and a month later the exposé on him was canned. But it was not the cover-up that interested us most of all, it was the fact that the man in charge of the BBC when the investigative report was killed, Mark Thompson, was set to head the New York Times Company on November 12. He claimed then, as he does now, that he knew nothing about Savile’s behavior or the nixed report.

What follows is a chronological journal of Bill Donohue’s response, as we reported it. It should be evident why Donohue seized on this issue, but if there is any doubt, it will be relieved after reading his comments.

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