“Stairway to Hell” is a death metal musical being performed on Tuesday evenings at Snitch, a New York City bar. According to TicketWeb, a band called Warthog “is tragically killed during their botched attempt to break the world record for onstage pyrotechnics. Somehow on the journey to the afterlife, they accidentally end up in heaven. Faced with the horror of an eternity in Heaven, our band of hard rockers petition the Devil for one last concert here on earth to prove to him they belong in Hell. This final concert is STAIRWAY TO HELL.”

New York magazine says that “Band sluts, backstage blow jobs, lines of coke, and fake-orgasm contests keep the show raunchy….” TicketWeb adds that “Along for the ride are half naked go-go dancers, S&M midgets and the HOG’s faithful groupies.”

According to an eyewitness account, at one point during the show, band members are told they won’t be sent to Hell because one of them is too pure. At this point, a rosary is pulled out of the anus of one band member. During another part of the show a character simulates sex with his grandmother. A Jesus-character then tells him to stop. The band members then beat up Jesus and Satan starts hitting Jesus with a large fake penis. Jesus’ spinal cord is also yanked out of him.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented on this today:

“Men and women are dying everyday in Iraq to keep America free. It is sickening to note that some young Americans think freedom means the right to insult, degrade and abuse the sensibilities of Christians. The man behind this barbaric assault is Randy Weiner. In a sane society, he would be run out of town. Unfortunately, there are elements in our society that see him as a champion of liberty.

“A short video of this vile musical is available on the Internet, and by clicking here. On the bar’s website it is billed as ‘VH1’s Stairway to Hell.’ We contacted VH1 and learned that it had absolutely nothing to do with this musical. That is why VH1’s legal department is now involved. Hope they nail them.”

Contact info@snitchbar.com

ADDENDUM: Subsequent to our news release on this subject, Snitch altered its website to remove its claim of VH1’s involvement with the show.

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