On “The View” today, panelist Joy Behar said that people should “follow their heart” in dealing with sexuality. She then offered, “That is why a lot of the priesthood is so screwed up right now.” Rosie O’Donnell followed with “Celibacy is not part of the human condition. It is not normal, right, everyone is a sexual being.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“In today’s New York Daily News, there is an article about the sex lives of seven New York-area women. Sarah DiMuro, a 30-year-old blond, must be happy to know that according to the great sage, Rosie O’Donnell, she is an abnormal human being. DiMuro is a virgin.

“Ever since O’Donnell joined ‘The View’ in September, the show has gotten out of control. On four occasions between September and the end of December, she has lashed out at the Catholic Church. Ditto for Joy Behar. Their relentless and profoundly ignorant attacks on the Catholic Church and its teachings would never be tolerated by the show’s co-owner, Barbara Walters, if it were Judaism or Islam that was under attack. But when it comes to Catholicism, she gives these two ‘raised’ Catholics all the time they want to vent their adolescent anger.

“What happened today was a set-up that was cleared by Walters. How do I know? Because the topic of discussion wasn’t gays or the Catholic Church—it was Ted Haggard, the disgraced evangelical leader who claims he is now a heterosexual again. This has nothing to do with Catholicism, but it has everything to do with the anti-Catholic agenda of O’Donnell, Behar and Walters. Walters just sat there today, never once expressing disagreement with anything her panelists had to say about Catholicism.

“Barbara Walters was once known as a pioneer in the broadcasting industry. She is now known as playing house mom to bigots.”

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