The August 26 edition of Autoweek contained many “cute” remarks about the Pope. For example, in the article in question, we are told that the Pope’s car is on the auction block. “Collector Car Show” will allow interested parties to “attend mass [sic] in Pope’s Chapel and tour parts of the Vatican `not normally shown’ like the Blessed Service Diagnostics Bay; infallibly maintained; includes Pope’s license plate, chalice-holders, Mazda rosary engine and optional holy water fonts near door handles; puff of white smoke from tailpipe proclaims arrival of new successor.”

Here’s what we said in response: “Though the humor is light, it is still questionable: doesAutoweek really lack that much for news that it must resort to a poor imitation of National Lampoon? Next time you need to fill space, try doing a piece that leave religious figures out of it.”

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