Recently, Catholic University of America was sued by a George Washington University professor, John Banzhaf, because the Catholic institution does not accommodate Muslim religious practices.

Banzhaf needs to be sued for bringing a frivolous lawsuit. He has no complainants—not a single Muslim at Catholic University came to him complaining about seeing pictures of the pope or the display of crucifixes in campus buildings. Nor did a single Muslim register a complaint with the administration of the university. This lawsuit, which follows a recent one filed by Banzhaf against Catholic University for moving towards single-sex dorms, stands not one iota of a chance of ultimately winning. Its purpose is to harass.

When Catholics enroll at Yeshiva University in New York City, they expect to see the Star of David and portraits of Moses. When Protestants enroll at the American Islamic College in Chicago, they expect to see the Star and Crescent. And when Muslims enroll at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., they expect to see crucifixes and portraits of Jesus. Those who attend these private schools and object to such displays need to leave and apply to a community college or a state university.

The impression was left by the media that Muslim students are behind this assault on the First Amendment. We said it would behoove Muslim leaders to denounce this lawsuit. The bigot here is Banzhaf, not Muslims.

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