Bill Donohue comments on a rally that will be held by organized atheists:

They stand for nothing, believe in nothing, and many are good for nothing. Organized atheists are set to invade D.C. this weekend, holding a “Reason Rally.” The reason they are rallying is their professed belief in nothingness.

The event is sponsored by American Atheists and their ilk. The president of the event, Kelly Damerow, says the participants have “the power to move mountains,” thus conjuring up memories of what Barack Obama said in his nomination victory speech in 2008: “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” Look for her to have as much success as he did.

Most of the speakers are nobodies, an exception being Penn Jillette: He is known for his obscene rants against Mother Teresa. Besides bashing Christians, the speakers will discuss “climate change, LGBT rights, sex education, and social justice issues.” Exactly what the atheist perspective is on these issues is a mystery (if I may use that word). What is really striking, however, is that the rally is showcasing how important the atheist vote is, thus suggesting that their group-think community is anything but a home for “freethinkers.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is cashing in on the event by spending hundreds of thousands on newspaper ads telling readers how unfair it is that their leader, Dan Barker, was denied a request to deliver an atheist address to Congress. He was denied because the invocation is reserved to those who are ministers of the gospel, not atheist activists.

David Silverman of American Atheists boasts that there are 40-50 million atheists in the U.S. He makes this figure up. In fact, as the Pew Forum has shown, atheists comprise 2.4 percent of the population, which means there are roughly 7.8 million atheists. Not exactly close. But to those who deny that truth exists, this doesn’t matter. Those of us who actually employ the faculty of reason know that they are wrong, once again.

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