Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the latest Grinch campaigns:

This is a lonely time of year for those who believe in nothing. Most, however, manage to get by without lashing out at believers. But not the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Last year, this group took its campaign to Olympia, Washington, and this year the Wisconsin-based religion haters are taking their show on the road to Springfield, Illinois. Here is what their sign says:

     There are no gods,
     no devils, no angels,
     no heaven or hell.
There is only our natural world.
     Religion is but
     myth and superstition
     that hardens hearts
     and enslaves minds.

By contrast, the American Humanist Association’s campaign is not anti-religion; it is simply pro-atheism. Nonetheless, its timing is clearly designed to compete with the Christmas message. It says, “No God…No Problem!” This sign will appear in several cities, including Washington, D.C.

It is not clear how many believers, if any, will be persuaded to change their minds and start believing in nothing. It seems more likely that these anti-Christmas campaigns are directed at fellow atheists: they function as a collective psychological massage, a kind of Dr. Feelgood exercise.

It would behoove them to follow my advice and stop at the nearest saloon for a couple of pints—it costs a lot less and promises to be the best feel-good exercise imaginable. However, there is one hitch: it won’t offend anyone.

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