Bill Donohue comments on the activities of atheists and Satanists:

American Atheists and Satanists say they are opposed to all religions, but they lie: it is Christianity that they really hate. The proof is evident every year at Christmas.

American Atheists is rolling out its annual billboard displays, this year targeting cities such as Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Lynchburg, Virginia. Both cities are home to prominent evangelical organizations: Focus on the Family and Liberty University, respectively. One of the billboards reads, “Atheist Christmas: The More, the Merrier”; the other says, “Make Christmas Great Again—Skip Church!”

Notice the billboards only mock Christmas, saying nothing about any other religious holiday, such as Hanukkah.

The Satanic Temple of Detroit is perhaps the most active branch of the Satanists, and once again this year it is erecting “Snaketivity” on the Capitol lawn in Lansing. It is being placed in a spot near the traditional nativity scene. The display features a cross, a red snake, and a sign that reads, “The Greatest Gift is Knowledge.”

Notice the display only misappropriates a Christian religious symbol, leaving other religious symbols—the menorah and crescent and star—unscathed.

What is the difference between American Atheists and the Satanists? Not much: both hate Christianity and both lie for a living.

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