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West Hollywood, CA – Artist Bronwyn Lundberg exploited Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” to promote celebrity lesbians. The depiction showed Ellen DeGeneres as Jesus and included Wanda Sykes and Rosie O’Donnell, among others.

February 3
New York, NY – The off-Broadway musical “Bare The Musical” which opened December 9, 2012 ended its run at New World Stages after just two months. The show was a revival of “Bare: A Pop Opera” which originally premiered in 2004. The show revolves around two homosexual male students at a Catholic boarding school who fall in love with each other. Confession, nuns and the Virgin Mary are mocked.

March 15 – 17
South Hadley, MA – Middle and High School students at the Academy of Music Theatre and Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter performed the anti-Christian play “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” which replaces classic Bible stories with homosexual propaganda.  The head of the charter school defended the performance as a “gay-friendly Biblical spoof” that proved how “intellectually rigorous” his community is. When the play opened in New York in 1998, it featured among other things, full-frontal male nudity, filthy language, discussions of body parts, butch lesbians, and effeminate gay men ranting against nature and damning God for AIDS.

School officials received over 12,000 complaints about the play but insisted on continuing the production with students from 7th through 12th grade.  Springfield Bishop Timothy McDonnell said, “I didn’t know it was the responsibility of charter schools to teach religious bigotry.”

March 15 – 23
Dayton, OH – The University of Dayton theatre program presented six performances of “Bare The Musical.” According to the script, the story revolves around two senior boys at a Catholic high school who are in love with one another. The script contains many anti-Catholic elements and celebrates homosexuality. For example, confession is referred to as the “sacrament of oppression” and a “poor man’s therapy session.” In another scene, the Blessed Mother appears in one of the character’s dreams and encourages him to tell his mother about his homosexuality. She says St. Joseph hasn’t done anything for her since he let her ride on the donkey to Bethlehem. In another scene, one of the characters in the play, a nun, tells another character to be proud of his homosexuality.

March 20
Milwaukee, WI – Artist Niki Johnson’s anti-Catholic work, “Eggs Benedict,” was featured in the “Gay Voices” section of the Huffington Post website. The work was a portrait of the pope emeritus using 17,000 colored condoms. The work reportedly “hopes to take aim at the church’s stance on using condoms, but also promotes sexual diversity and a more open discussion about sexual health.” Johnson started “Eggs Benedict” in response to Pope Benedict XVI’s 2009 statements about condoms not being the answer to the AIDS epidemic. According to The Huffington Post, “the entire project took 270 hours spread over three years to complete, Johnson estimated—145 hours individually opening the condoms, laying them out and planning, and 135 hours threading them through with wire mesh.” The artist said “I see it as an inclusive piece. Yes, it says something about the church’s position on sexuality, but it also embraces diversity with humor and irony.” The artist also said the portrait “promotes diversity in sexuality” and is “quite literally ‘very rainbow.'”

April 22 – May 5
New York, NY – “The Testament of Mary” ran on Broadway. The play was based on the book by Colm Tóibín, a homosexual ex-Catholic who has been a vociferous critic of the Church’s teachings on sexuality. The play was scheduled to run through June 16. But instead of lasting 12 weeks, it lasted only two. The play was an angry discourse on Catholicism featuring a fanciful Virgin Mary, who rejects the divinity of her son.

July 2 – November 3
Ashland, OR – The Oregon Shakespeare Festival included a play titled “Liquid Plain” by Naomi Wallace. The play was about the international slave trade and takes place in the late 1700s in Rhode Island. A local priest who attended one of the performances alerted the Catholic League that “the play contains a gratuitous assertion that Jesus would want to receive an act of fellatio.”

December 5 – 22
Oklahoma City, OK – “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” was performed at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. When it opened in New York in 1998, Bill Donohue said, “it sounds like a routine homosexual play: full-frontal male nudity, filthy language, discussions of body parts, butch lesbians, effeminate gay men, ranting about nature, damning God for AIDS, etc.”

The play is a gay rendition of the Bible, focusing mostly on the Old Testament. It opens with two men in jockstraps in the Garden of Eden, one of whom identifies himself as a Jew. They run into a self-described bull dyke and her lesbian lover. This masterpiece is the work of Paul Rudnick, a homosexual “Jew from New Jersey.” His goal, he said, was to mock religion: he was angry at God for allowing AIDS.

The play was being performed at a city-owned venue, and was being presented by the Oklahoma City Theatre Company. The latter receives funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Oklahoma Arts Council; the Arts Council refused to fund this play, but contributed $18,000 to other productions during the 2013-2014 season.

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