The Catholic League has learned that artist Cosimo Cavallaro has invited the public to show up at midnight on April 1 to take a bite of his 6-foot tall chocolate sculpture of a crucified Jesus with his genitals exposed; it is scheduled to be shown during Holy Week, from April 1 to April 7.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“The cowards at the Roger Smith Hotel, who were brazen enough to tease their trash to selected media sources over the past few days, have shut down and are refusing to talk to the press. But the artist has decided to go his own way. He is now inviting everyone to eat his chocolate Jesus.

“The Roger Smith Hotel is morally bankrupt. It is the goal of the Catholic League to make it financially bankrupt as well. Being mailed out today are hundreds of letters, complete with the news release I wrote a few hours ago, calling for a boycott of the hotel. These organizations represent millions of Americans across religious lines, as well as those who belong to non-sectarian groups. All of them can be counted on to never hold a conference at the hotel. And more—they will let all of their allies know about this incident.

“The Roger Smith Hotel will rue the day it sought to declare war on Christian sensibilities.”

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