Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the latest artistic assault on Christianity:

They really do hate Christians. The latest expression of hate will appear August 9 at a dumpy art gallery in the tony Long Island town of Southampton. The Spur, which is a barn, is showcasing the barnyard fare of Nika Nesgoda, who lives in nearby Amagansett, home to many multimillionaires.

The rich and famous will have the opportunity of seeing Nesgoda’s masterpiece, “Virgin.” It is a doctored photographic exhibit featuring porn stars such as Stormy Daniels posing as the Virgin Mary.

According to the promo for this trash, it says Nesgoda “playfully interprets art history” and “challenges the contemporary notion of iconography, identity, and religion.” Stunning.

I have a suggestion for this genius. Why doesn’t she do an exhibit called “Muhammad” that features Harvey Weinstein and Anthony Weiner as the prophet? That might attract a crowd, but I’d make sure to call the bomb squad first.

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