5826053864_fd9d753caa_zBill Donohue comments on a news release he wrote earlier today on an Army soldier whose religious rights were abridged:

A few hours ago, we posted an open letter that I wrote to the Commander at Fort Sill, Oklahoma regarding a female Catholic soldier who was denied her right to attend Mass on Sunday on three occasions; they have a “battle buddy” system on the base that requires all soldiers to move about in pairs, and since there was no other Catholic in her unit to go to Mass with, she was denied permission to go by herself. My complaint was that an escort should have been provided.

Fort Sill acted responsibly and contacted us without delay. I spoke to an official there and he said he would speak to the chaplains about the necessity of accommodating Catholics who lack a partner to go to Mass with on Sundays.

This matter has been amicably resolved. Case closed.

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