Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a courageous decision by the Arizona governor:

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is standing fast against militant secularists who want him to take down a social media post that sends Easter greetings; the post also cites a Bible verse.

Ducey, who is a practicing Catholic, is not bowing to pressure from anti-religion activists, saying that his official Facebook page will continue to offer greetings recognizing a variety of religious holidays. He cited Christmas, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Palm Sunday, and Passover as examples.

Other leaders, in and out of government, should take note of Ducey’s stance. Contrary to what many in the mainstream media think, the Arizona governor will not pay a political price for his decision. If anything, it will endear him to most voters.

Social media is often overrated. A new Pew Research survey discloses that 10% of Twitter users account for 80% of all tweets. Who are they? Mostly women (65%) who are left-of-center and college educated. In other words, the voice of this small cluster may be loud, but it is not representative of the public. It is best not to take them too seriously.

Those who want to stamp out religious greetings from public officials are a menace to freedom. They are not liberals of old. No, they are today’s totalitarians.

Kudos to Gov. Ducey.

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