The Yuma, Arizona Office of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Yuma Area Government Alliance decided to celebrate “Women’s Equality Day” by featuring Sheila Dierks, a dissident Catholic radical feminist. We protested and Dierks was dumped.

Dierks is the author of WomenEucharist, and is identified on her website as someone who is “often saddened and horrified by positions which the Church hierarchy support.” She has founded chapters of her wayward group in New Jersey and Colorado. They keep busy by gathering “for prayer and sacrament without an ordained minister.” In other words, her creation is a fraud.

When we protested the propriety of having someone who is anti-Catholic offer a presentation of her work at a state-sponsored event, the organizers claimed not to know too much about Dierks. But when they learned how bizarre she was, they quickly dropped her in favor of someone more mainstream.

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