Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on New York City’s mayoralty race:

The New York Post has published the results of a survey of likely Democratic voters in New York City; it was conducted by the esteemed polling firm McLaughlin & Associates. Early voting for the new mayor has begun and the primary voting date is June 22.

There are eight Democrats running for the job, and all of them are liberals; Eric Adams is the most conservative-leaning candidate but he is no conservative. In second place is Maya Wiley, an extreme left-wing activist who says she may disarm the police.

The two Republican candidates are both conservatives, which is why they will lose. New Yorkers like liberals, even though the current mayor, who is a Marxist, has ruined the city.

It is not blacks who are leading the liberal charge, it’s whites. Manhattan is the most wealthy and white of the five boroughs, and their favorite candidate is Kathryn Garcia. She was basically unknown until the white liberal’s newspaper of choice, the New York Times, endorsed her. She is almost tied with Wiley.

Adams is perceived to be the toughest on crime, and this explains why blacks, who are the most likely to be a crime victim, choose him as their favorite. As the poll also discloses, blacks are less likely to support defunding the police than whites are. Similarly, New Yorkers with the highest income do not like Adams—he comes in next to last. That’s because white liberals do not have to live with the consequences of their ideas—they live in low-crime areas with doormen, and some have private security.

It is a shame that the New York Post has given very little coverage to Curtis Sliwa and Fernando Mateo, the two conservative Republican candidates for mayor. Instead, it continues to push the false narrative that Eric Adams is some kind of conservative. He may be the least liberal of the Democrats running for mayor, but he is clearly to the left of Sliwa and Mateo.

It is encouraging to note that 61% of New Yorkers approve of more charter schools, and they are not supportive of doing away with elite public schools. Though the poll offers no breakdown on these issues, it is likely that non-whites want more charter schools, and whites and Asians want to keep the elite ones. But on other issues, it is clear that New York Democrats still lean left.

When asked whether New York City should remain a sanctuary city, welcoming illegal aliens, 78% agree. Nearly two-thirds support the racist agenda promoted by critical race theory; they want it taught in the public schools. And even though the record shows that the new “no cash” bail policy for many crimes is partly responsible for a dramatic surge in crime, 55% want to keep it.

The New York Post is ecstatic about New Yorkers allegedly turning against Mayor Bill de Blasio. “A whopping 72 percent of the 1,000 likely Democratic primary voters surveyed in a new Post poll rated Hizzoner’s [the mayor] performance as ‘fair’ or ‘poor,’ while just 26 percent said he was doing a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ job.”

The newspaper concludes that “Disliking de Blasio Unites Us.” This is simply wrong. The fact is that 66% rate him either “excellent,” “good,” or “fair,” and just 32% say he has done a poor job. This is amazing given what de Blasio has done to the city. As New York journalist Seth Barron details in his new book on the mayor, “The Last Days of New York,” de Blasio has wrecked the city in many ways.

Are New York Democrats hopelessly stupid? It appears to be that way.

If there is to be a movement away from liberalism, it will be lead by African Americans, Hispanics and Asians. Forget about white people, especially those with the big bucks.

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