Time Out New York is a glossy magazine with a gay edge that covers New York social and cultural events. In its January 4-11 edition, it featured a discussion of the best and worst of 2000 in many categories. In the Gay & Lesbian section, the top listing for “The Best” of 2000 read as follows:

Cardinal John O’Connor
kicks the bucket
The press eulogized him as a saint,
when in fact, the pious creep was a
stuck-in-the-1950s, antigay menace.
Good riddance!

William Donohue told the press, “This is one of the most mean-spirited and vicious attacks that one could imagine.” He appeared on nearly every New York news channel blasting the magazine for bemoaning “deaths due to AIDS while simultaneously running articles and advice columns that encourage the very behaviors that are the proximate cause of the disease.” Donohue added, “This isn’t merely anti-Catholicism at work—it’s cultural fascism.”

The outcry from New Yorkers was overwhelmingly positive. So much so that Time Out New York issued an apology. Because it was so lame, we quickly rejected it. But we are happy to note that a resolution condemning the comment unanimously passed in the New York City Council. Councilman James S. Oddo introduced the resolution. Write to Time Out at 627 Broadway, NY, NY 10012.

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