The anti-war crowd may be a varied group, but it is also true that the hard-core activists are an angry and vicious lot. Take for example what has been happening at Cornell University.

It is not enough for the anti-war students at Cornell to protest U.S. action against Iraq. What’s really bugging them is the United States itself and some of its premier institutions, e.g., the Catholic Church. Here is what one of their most prominent banners reads:

“We Live In a Country Founded By Cheats, Murderers, Rapists, Thiefs…Terrorists. Whom Captured, Killed, Enslaved Millions of Africans. Whom Killed More Natives Than Nazis Did Jews. While the Catholic Church is Behind the Altar Justifying Molestation—God Bless Amerikkka.”

We intentionally reprinted the banner just the way it appeared on the campus. We wanted you to know that paying big bucks for an Ivy education is no guarantee that illiteracy will not reign.

Back to the bigotry. What this banner suggests is that many in the anti-war ranks are full of hate. They hate anything that smacks of patriotism and goodness. Catholicism holds there are truths that are universal and non-negotiable; this is what drives the nihilists mad. They have no blueprint for reform, just a recipe for destruction.

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