The New York Post reported today that an anti-Christian poster was featured at a polling place in Manhattan’s SoHo district. The poster showed a soldier pointing a gun alongside the words, “Say it, one nation under God. Say it, you love Jesus. Say it.”

The poster was on a wall in the Puffin Room art gallery on Broome Street; it was in clear view of citizens waiting on line to vote. There was another poster that depicted Attorney General John Ashcroft as a Nazi. Ed Skyler, the press secretary to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, denounced the posters as “totally inappropriate.”

Catholic League president William Donohue is issuing a formal complaint to the Board of Elections today, and released the following comment to the media:

“I am writing to John Ravitz, executive director of the New York City Board of Elections, registering a complaint about the anti-Christian poster in the Puffin Room gallery polling site. I want him to investigate the veracity of the remark made by Carl Rosenstein, the owner of the gallery, who said that the Board of Elections found no problem with the posters.

“No Catholic or Protestant should be expected to endure this kind of harassment while waiting on line to vote. We will be looking to Mr. Ravitz to discipline those officials who gave the okay to this polling place. His response will determine whether we will commence litigation.

      “That the New Yorkers who witnessed this hate speech were apparently not disturbed by it does not speak well for them, and it certainly does not speak well for Mr. Rosenstein that he allowed it. Apparently, some New Yorkers have an infinite tolerance for intolerance, just so long as it is aimed at Christians.”
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