The International Women’s Film and Video Festival is promoting two pro-abortion movies that have a strong anti-Catholic element to them. “The Fragile Promise of Choice: Abortion in the U.S. Today” and “From Danger to Dignity” both brand Catholic pro-lifers as deranged persons out to destroy liberty. Just as bad is the tact that those who are promoting the films are making.

One such example occurred in March in Huntington, Long Island. Victor Skolnick of the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington wrote the following in his organization’s newsletter: “These films, among other things, are about the blatant attempt by a well-financed fanatic Christian Right minority and the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church under the guidance of the Pope in Rome to dictate the rights of American women.”

Chuck Mansfield, president of the league’s Long Island chapter, shot back: “Your rather tired tantrum [about the above remark], not to mention the overall tone and quality of your writing, bespeaks your unmistakable animus toward the Catholic Church. Indeed your language … is inflammatory and bigoted.”

Mansfield also said that “Given your embrace of separation of church and state, I wonder how you and the other members of the Centre’s editorial board justify your use of government funds to promote propaganda against the Catholic Church.” Mansfield was referring to the funding that the Centre receives from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Suffolk County Office of Cultural Affairs.

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