A new book that Catholic League members will not want to miss is now available from Our Sunday Visitor. Anti-Catholicism in American Culture is a series of essays which includes the Center for Media and Public Affairs’ newest report on media coverage of the Catholic Church. The book is edited by Robert Lockwood, former president of the publishing division of Our Sunday Visitor, and now the Director of Research for the Catholic League. Here are some of the book’s highlights:

The seven anti-Catholic assumptions common to the American experience

The sordid account of an anti-Catholic diatribe that has been a best selling “religious” title for more than 155 years

Why the role of women is a flash point for criticism of the Church

How the focus of anti-Catholicism has changed radically from the 1960s to the 1990s

Ways priests are simultaneously depicted as sexually repressed prudes and licentious perverts

How the secular media ridicule Catholic teaching under the guise of freedom of speech

Comprehensive analysis of media coverage of the Catholic Church from 1963 – 1998

Twelve practical ways to improve relationships with the secular media that actually work, by William A. Donohue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Anti-Catholicism in American Culture is available from OSV for $19.95 plus shipping and can be ordered at 1-800-348-2440.

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