The Catholic League scored a victory this summer, with the help of a member, in pulling an anti-Catholic ring from the Crow’s Nest  Trading Company’s website and catalog. The item, “Catholic Ring,” was a sterling silver piece of jewelry with the inscription of “Recovering Catholic” emblazoned on it.

We got word that Crow’s Nest was selling this item from a member who was understandably upset with the product. She wrote a letter to Crow’s Nest voicing her displeasure; we quickly did the same. In Bill Donohue’s letter to Crow’s Nest president Douglas Tennis, he wrote that the ring was “grossly inappropriate” and requested that the piece be removed from the catalog and website.

A few days later, we received a letter that was sent from Crow’s Nest CEO Cary Tennis to our member apologizing for the piece saying that she “cannot justify offending anyone, let alone a hard-earned customer of Crow’s Nest Trading Co. or a fellow Christian.” Tennis also said, “Let me assure you that you have opened our eyes and caused us to look at the offensive merchandise through another perspective, and it has been removed from our line.”

We appreciate the sincerity of Crow’s Nest and trust that it will use better prudence when selling items in the future. We thank our member for contacting us, because without her this victory would not have been possible.

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