Miloscia_adBill Donohue comments on an anti-Catholic political ad in the state of Washington:

Mark Miloscia is a former Democratic state legislator in Washington who switched to the Republican party because of his dismay with the way Democrats treat people of faith. The former Southerner had no idea just how hateful some in his former party are, but now he knows.

A website that opposes Miloscia posted a cartoon of him that is vintage Catholic bashing. It shows him wearing a bishop’s miter holding a rosary. The inscription alongside the doctored photo reads as follows:

         “Republican Mark Miloscia came from the Deep South…with plenty of baggage.

“‘Mississippi Mark’ has always worn his church on his sleeve. Rather than represent the
people of Federal Way, he has best represented the people of The Vatican.”

Below this statement is a list of six positions attributed to him, including one that says, “Lobbyist for the Catholic Church.

It is not certain who posted this anti-Catholic political ad. We will do what we can to get to the bottom of this. While his opponent has distanced herself from this despicable ad, we need to hear from state Democratic leaders about it.

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