In the last issue of Catalyst, just before we went to press, we mentioned that California Democrat Jared Huffman threatened to revoke the Catholic Church’s tax-exempt status; he accused the bishops of being partisan because many of them registered their concerns over our pro-abortion Catholic president.

Huffman subsequently cooled his jets. He issued a statement complaining about the “colorful feedback from anti-abortion activists all over the country.” He also cited evangelical leader Tony Perkins for helping to foment the backlash. He pointedly did not make the same threat again.

Huffman did not mention that the “colorful feedback” came as a direct result of our notifying our email subscribers to contact him—that’s why he got pounded. Nor did he mention that the guest on Perkins’ radio show who blasted him was Bill Donohue.

Thanks to everyone for making this happen. Huffman got the message.

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