On July 14, a group of pro-abortion feminists, led by Frances Kissling of Catholics for a Free Choice, and Feminist Majority leader Eleanor Smeal, will hold a rally at the Vatican Mission in New York and the Vatican embassy in Washington, D.C.  The demonstrators are protesting what they say is the Vatican’s lack of accountability in addressing the alleged issue of sexual abuse of nuns by priests.

Commenting on the scheduled rally is Catholic League president William Donohue:

“The purpose of these rallies is so transparent that only a raving lunatic couldn’t figure it out.  Frances Kissling and Eleanor Smeal have been at war with the Roman Catholic Church for decades.  Because the Church is against abortion and they are for it, they look for every opportunity to bash Catholicism.  What motivates them is malice, not genuine concern for the well-being of nuns.  Here’s the proof: Kissling is on record admitting that her goal is to ‘overthrow’ the Catholic Church and Smeal is on record tying Catholic bishops to the Klan as part of a ‘reactionary coalition.’

“In 1987, Kissling and Smeal managed to get themselves arrested outside the Vatican embassy in Washington while protesting the visit of Pope John Paul II to the United States.  It is doubtful that these aging activists have it in them to get escorted off in cuffs one more time, but if they do, it sure will make our day.

“In any event, if Kissling and Smeal are truly interested in the issue of men preying on women, they ought to leave priests and nuns alone and start investigating what’s happening in Washington between politicians and their interns.”

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