Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on an anti-Catholic ad that is currently airing on TV in some markets:

There is a despicable anti-Catholic ad running on some TV networks. It is produced by Lacuna Ventures, LLC, a company with offices on Long Island and Westchester, New York. The website that features the ad is

The ad asks that victims of sexual abuse committed by a priest, or someone else in authority in the Catholic Church, contact the company so that a claim can be filed. It stresses that in New York, New Jersey and California that time is running out to do so.

If someone has been violated by a minister, rabbi, imam, school teacher, coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, athletic administrator, camp counselor, guidance counselor, Hollywood studio official, media employee, doctor, nurse, lawyer—or anyone else—he can take a walk. They are not interested. They are only interested in going after priests.

“If you are a victim of crime committed by an African American, and would like help in filing a claim against him, contact us now.”

Would any firm in the United States run such an ad? Would any media outlet accept it?

To see the ad, click here.

It’s time we jammed their lines.

Call (800) 825-6298

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