In the July-August edition of Catalyst, we ran a story about the badgering that a Catholic student experienced during an interview for a scholarship at the University of Virginia. As it turns out, UVA does not have a monopoly on harassing Catholic students during interviews.

After our article appeared, we received a letter from a member who recounted a similar story, this time involving his daughter. He has asked us to keep her name and the offending school anonymous.

During an interview at a mid-Western university, this woman was asked whether she wore a uniform at the Catholic high school she attended. Answering affirmatively, she was then asked whether she agreed with Pat Buchanan’s position on abortion. Again, she said yes. At that, the woman interviewer “proceeded into a diatribe setting out her personal convictions and denouncing” the prospective student. The young woman was not accepted. Fortunately, she is doing well at another university.

So much for tolerance, respect for diversity and all that is dear to the hearts of multiculturalists.

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