Bill Donohue comments on Samantha Bee’s diatribe against Catholic hospitals:

Samantha Bee’s hatred for the Catholic Church is palpable. And it was on full display in her tirade last night on her TBS show.

The Catholic Church’s healthcare system is the largest non-government provider of healthcare services in the United States, with over 600 hospitals spread across the country. It provides loving, life-affirming care and treatment to millions. But it is that “life-affirming” part that enrages Samantha Bee.

She objects to the ethical and religious directives that guide Catholic healthcare—specifically those parts that affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every human life, from conception to natural death. That offends Bee’s rabid enthusiasm for abortion.

And of course, she cannot discuss such serious matters without descending into her trademark juvenile raunch:

  • Showing an elderly man in a hospital bed depicted with an erection, she cracks, “you can bet they’ll put an end to all that filthy death bed masturbating.”
  • On the U.S. Bishops authorizing the ethical and religious directives for Catholic healthcare: “decisions affecting millions of American vaginas are being made by people who have never owned one or touched one.”
  • On a nun and the Church reconciling after a disagreement on healthcare: “I’m sure the makeup sex was great.”
  • After showing a robed Catholic priest explaining the healthcare directives: “Thanks, Friar Suck. When I need reproductive advice from a virgin in a bathrobe, I’ll let you know.”

And when we need advice on Catholic healthcare from a foul-mouthed anti-Catholic bigot, we’ll be sure to let Samantha Bee know.

Contact Lauren Hurvitz, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for TBS:

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