There is a new movie that is being filmed in Jerusalem that is of interest to the Catholic League. “The Body” stars Antonio Banderas and revolves around the story of an Israeli archeologist who finds the body of Christ. In response, the Vatican dispatches a priest to the Holy Land to investigate her claim. His encounter with the young woman leads him to challenge both his belief in God and his vow of celibacy.

“The Body” is being directed by the same person who wrote the movie, Jonas McCord. He recently explained the message of his new movie: “In a world where Kosovo became a situation [and] where, in the name of God, people do…violence, this film says God has no place in politics.”

William Donohue, Catholic League president, commented as follows:

“‘Catholicism is a hoax.’ From what is known about ‘The Body,’ that appears to be a fair way to characterize the movie. If this is indeed the theme of the film, the Catholic League will lead a fight against it.

“The screenwriter and director, Jonas McCord, wants us to believe that religion is the basis for war. His sense of history apparently excludes the 20th century: the greatest monsters of this century—Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot—have all been committed atheists, men who killed hundreds of millions in the name of abstract ideas emptied of religious significance. Indeed, all worked tirelessly to destroy every vestige of religion in their society.

“If history is a guide, it is religious cleansing that McCord should fear, not its public expression. But to those who have an agenda, historical truth does not matter. What matters is that their perverted vision of history prevail.

“Needless to say, we will keep a close eye on ‘The Body.’”

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