Bill Donohue comments on TruTV’S mockery of the sacraments:

Earlier today, we took Fox’s “Family Guy” to task for last night’s episode ridiculing the Eucharist. Now we must call out Turner Broadcasting’s TruTV for “Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack,” which last Friday night also mocked this most sacred of Catholic sacraments.

The offensive skit featured a pitch man’s voice promoting “Cheez-Its Christ” as “the one, true, mid-day Communion snack that belongs in your child’s lunch box.” For good measure, the skit also threw in a shot at the Catholic sacrament of Penance: “Cheez-Its Christ. The only snack that fills them up and absolves their sins.”

We know it’s the Christmas season, which to Hollywood is always open season on Catholics. But apparently their hatred is so deep that they must sink to attacking the very essence of our faith. They know the centrality of the Eucharist to Roman Catholics, which is precisely why they defamed it. Many Americans, as we recently witnessed, are fed up with these politically correct assaults. We can only hope that in 2017 more Americans push back stronger than ever.


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