The young actress, Alyssa Milano, is the latest Hollywood star to take a slam at Catholicism. She has five tattoos. She wears a sacred heart on her butt, a fairy kneeling in grass on her hip, an angel on her left ankle, a garland of flowers on her right ankle and rosary beads on her back. “The rosary beads are because I was raised Catholic,” she said. “It’s a bit out of rebellion.”

In describing a lesbian scene in Embrace of the Vampire, Milano explains that “The film was about a girl, who was raised by nuns, dealing with her sexuality. That’s where the lesbian scene came in, because in Catholicism, supposedly the nuns are lesbians. That’s okay, but penetration isn’t? How f____d is that religion?

With brains like this, Milano should go far in Hollywood. She will be easy to direct, proving once again that Hitchcock was right when he said that actors and actresses were so dumb they needed to be treated like cattle by directors.

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