AR 2The Catholic League’s 2013 Annual Report on Anti-Catholicism is now available. This volume not only lists incidents of anti-Catholicism that came to our attention, it offers a detailed account of our response to serious issues.

The Annual Report features an Executive Summary by Bill Donohue: it discusses the Catholic League’s most prominent efforts to combat anti-Catholicism in 2013. The publication covers such areas as activist organizations, the arts, education, government, and the media. Special sections include “Bill Maher’s Hate Speech,” and “The War on Christmas.” We also give wide coverage to the way the media reacted to the close of Pope Benedict XVI’s tenure, and the election of Pope Francis.

Copies have been sent to many in government, education, the media, and law. Religious leaders, including the bishops, will receive a copy.

To order a copy, click here, or call our office at 212-371-3191; they are available for $10. Orders of ten or more are $5 each, while supplies last.

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