Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on recent news releases by American Atheists:

It’s always important for an advocacy organization to advocate something positive, and not simply be positioned against something. American Atheists is a classic example of not getting it right. Everyone knows it is organized to believe in nothing, and while that is a childlike reason for assembly, it is worse to see it pout when groups like the Catholic League are on the march.

The Catholic League wants to honor Mother Teresa by having the Empire State Building light the towers blue and white on August 26. Anthony Malkin, who may also believe in nothing, vetoed our request. Joining him is American Atheists, and a few others associated with nothingness.

Now American Atheists is having a hissy fit over the Catholic League’s objections, joined by many other organizations, over a proposed Comedy Central show, “J.C.”, that promises to mock Jesus and Christians. Actually, the sponsors of nothing are having more than a hissy fit. Here is how the group’s head honcho, Ed Buckner, puts it: “The religious conservatives like the Catholic League are behaving like Islamic fundamentalists in trying to censor what Americans want to read, see, or say about religion.” Lucky for him this is a lie.

If I had a recommendation about how to go positive, I would offer them one. Not for nothing, it’s not easy to do given that they are proud to stand for nothing.

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